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artifly Scholarship Program

for a more accessible &  inclusive pole dance community

Apply to our scholarship program if you identify as one of more of the following groups & require financial assistance to start pole dance classes: 

trans, non-binary, living with a disability, afro-descendant, plus-size


What is the artifly Scholarship Program?

In its first edition, the scholarship program aims to support 2 people with a 50% discount on weekly pole art classes for a period of 6 months, with the option to reapply & extend. 

Who does the program support?

The scholarship supports students who identify as part of one of more of the following groups of people: trans, non-binary, living with a disability, afro-descendant and plus-size and who need financial assistance to be able to start and maintain their pole dance journey at our studio. 


The pole community at large is one of the most accepting, open-minded & compassionate communities we could ever ask to be part of.  It's a form of art that fortifies our right to individual expression - and studios around the globe provide a space where people from all walks of life feel free to be ourselves - the way we move, dress & explore our artistic & acrobatic selves.

Nevertheless, our community has space for improvement too. Though we love to use the taglines "Everybody can pole dance!" and "Everyone is welcome!" - and though these statements are absolutely true and important to always communicate and reinforce - the fact remains that we still have work to do to make this art form more accessible and inclusive. There are still many who don't feel included.

Firstly, pole is a luxury hobby - and though there are valid reasons for it being an expensive sport (primarily because of the limited amount of students we can take on per class/hour), the financial requirements to practice this art form often exclude people more than perhaps other forms of bodyweight movement and dance do.  Furthermore, people with marginalised identities or who are more likely to face discrimination, exclusion or neglect in our society are more likely to face this too in the pole dance community. It is one thing to say "Everybody is welcome" and it's another thing to actually look at our community and see people of all body shapes, ages, varying physical abilities, genders and gender expressions, etc. thriving and flying - and not just that, but that they too may be part of your references when you think of your favourite and most influential pole artists. 


At artifly, we always communicate that our classes are open to people of all genders, bodies & fitness levels - but we are fully aware that significant change is not going to come from posting taglines. We can't just shrug and say "Well, we said everyone is welcome - why don't more people from this or that community come?" We need active & continuous initiatives that reach out to the people we feel are missing in our pole community - initiatives that clearly communicate: we want you to be part of our magical world. 

We have a big vision for this scholarship program, and we're excited to be able to launch its first humble edition!

Who can apply?

Who can apply

In order to submit a successful application, you need to meet the following criteria:


- be living in Basel-Stadt or Basel-Land

- be totally new to pole dance & our studio

- be available for weekly/regular classes for a period of at least six months 

- be in good health to practise physical exercise

- be needing financial assistance (proof of existing financial assistance by BS/BL or disclosure of earning less than CHF 2500 per month)

- identify as a person who is part of one or more of the following communities: trans, non-binary, Afro-descendant, plus-size, living with a disability

Are you our next scholarship bird? Apply now!

applications for this edition are open 

please note that incomplete applications will not be considered

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Meet the Comittee

Meet the lovely committee that is making the scholarship program happen!



BA Social Work, UNIJORGE, Salvador

project manager, committee member, selection team

I'm a black working-class woman black from the periphery of Salvador and am the first person in my family who went to university. The social context in which I grew up made it impossible for me to participate in any type of art classes kind of art, something considered a luxury and irrelevant. My first contact with Pole Dance was when Niek invited me to work at her former studio in Brazil. I had no idea that she would later become a great friend and partner.

In Brazil, pole is mostly practised by white people and people with better financial conditions. When suddenly I had the opportunity to start pole, I was pleasantly surprised by the connection I felt. Through this art I was able to get to know a part of myself that I had never imagined existed. I'm happy to be part of this committee and see a diversity of people step into this world. 



Bachelor or Science, University of Oslo

committee member, media & communications

"I have recently started with pole. I see pole as an opportunity and motivation to improve myself both physically and mentally."

niek artifly.heic


founder, media & communications manager

BA  in Film & Media Production & BA Honours in Narrative Film Studies, University of Cape Town

"When I decided to open artifly in Kleinbasel, I knew that this would also be an opportunity for many other important projects I've been meaning to do through my work and a way to share this incredible form of art with people who are often left out in our community. I'm very honoured to be in a position where I can implement these kinds of projects and to have a wonderful and supportive committee to help artifly make a difference in the lives of people who need this kind of opportunity." 



BA Communication Design, University of Porto

Post Grad - Motion Design, College of Arts & Design, Matosinhos

committee member, selection team

"Dancing has always been integral to my life. Besides my creative career as a designer, I boast over a decade of diverse dance experience across various styles. I remember having an immense desire to try pole and even though it was not possible at the time, I'm happy that I didn't let it fade. Pole Is challenging, humbling and ccasionally defies societal norms. But it is the place I found a great sense of community, discovery and self-acceptance."


BA in Sociology and Media, University of Basel,

Multiple theatre and dance certifications from Trinity College London and Imperial Society of Teachers and Dancing from tht waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town

committee member, selection team


"Dance and the performing arts have been an active part of my life since early childhood. I'm also very interstand in social matters, specifically making the creative world more welcoming to people of different identities and bdoy types - very happy to be in this committe!"


Become a Sponsor

Do you want to be part of the change and sponsor someone by covering 50% or more of their class fees? Get in touch with us!

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