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Terms & Conditions


The general terms and conditions are based on Swiss law and apply to all registered participants in classes, courses, workshops or other services at artifly pole dance studio. Registration for classes, workshops and other services are contractually binding and the participant is obliged to complete payment. By signing these T&Cs, you agree to all conditions.


Young adults under the age of 16 are not authorized to sign any contracts and need the signature of their legal guardian. The minimum age for participation in pole dance classes at artifly pole dance studio is 16. Other classes and activities at artifly pole dance studio may not have age restrictions. Participants need to read the service description for each class and activity.


Fee changes, as well as changes to the general terms and conditions are reserved at all times. The latest version is published on


Registration, Conclusion of Contract and Class Memberships


The registration for classes, courses, workshops and other services can be done electronically via the Mindbody app, through email communication ( and Whatsapp (+41 76 490 48 30) as well as verbally (in person) at the studio. With all forms of registration, the participant accepts the general terms and conditions and the contract between the participant and the sole proprietorship Artifly Pole Bolliger ("artifly pole dance studio") is concluded.


Registrations for bi-monthly and semester memberships are automatically renewed at the end of the contract period. The ordinary cancellation has to be made in writing by e-mail, at the end of each bi-monthly cycle or semester. The participant’s class membership gets automatically renewed unless a written 30-day notice is given prior to the next scheduled payment date.


Automatic renewals do not apply to drop-in classes, courses, workshops, or private classes.


Registrations will be considered in the order in which they are received. If the registration is successful, a confirmation will be sent automatically by e-mail. The conclusion of the contract is only valid between the respective participants and artifly pole dance studio. Registrations for courses and subscriptions are therefore personal and not transferable to other customers.


artifly pole dance studio may reject a customer without justification.

Class Schedule


The weekly class schedules, as well as schedules for trial classes, workshops and other events, are published and updated on the artifly pole dance studio website and on Instagram @artifly_pole. Not all classes, services and pricing options are displayed on the Mindbody app. Participants must contact artifly pole dance studio for further queries regarding schedule.



All classes and other services are to be paid in advance. Participations and bookings are only confirmed once payment has been received. In case of non-payment, participants will not be allowed to attend the class, workshop or service they registered for.  


The fees at the time of registration for the respective service apply.


Class Bookings & Rescheduling


The rescheduling policy for group & private classes is a 12-hour notice period. Participants may uncheck themselves from classes via the Mindbody app. Any check-outs that occurs 12 or more hours prior to the scheduled class are eligible for rescheduling within the parameters of the participant’s contract. Group classes may be rescheduled via the Mindbody booking app. Private classes and other services need to be rescheduled by artifly pole dance studio.


artifly pole studio does not guarantee availability for rescheduled classes.


Group Classes

When registering for a group class membership, participants commit to the designated day and time of the week for the respective class. Via the Mindbody app, participants have the right to uncheck themselves from their group and make-up their class on another day of the same week, granted the class is adequate for their level and that there is space available. Rescheduling of classes needs to be done at least 12 hours before the start of the scheduled class or else the class will be charged. For drop-in classes and other services, the same 12-hour cancellation rule applies.


Unchecked classes cannot be accumulated and added to the end of the contract. They must be rescheduled within the parameters of the contract from which they were unchecked, or else they will be forfeited.


Private Classes


Participants may uncheck themselves from private classes up to 12 hours before the start of the scheduled class. The unchecked class may be rescheduled within the validity of the private class contract and must be rescheduled by artifly pole dance studio.


artifly pole studio does not guarantee availability for rescheduled classes.


Punctuality & Closed Door Policy


The studio works with a strict schedule and does not allow latecomers to attend group classes. At the start of each class, the entrance door gets closed and locked. It is very important that participants arrive on time in order to complete the warm-up and be prepared for the physical exercise to follow. It is each participant’s responsibility to schedule classes to which they can arrive at least 10min before the start time. If participants arrive late and are turned away, the class gets charged as a late cancellation. 


Furthermore, artifly pole dance studio is under legal obligation to keep the entrance door closed at all times when music is played in the studio.


Schedule Changes & Postponements


Changes in the class schedule are possible at any time. Group classes, private classes,  workshops, and other booked services can be cancelled or postponed by artifly pole dance studio without extensive justification. Cancellations or postponements will be communicated to the participant ahead of time or as soon as possible.


In case there is a class or service cancellation or postponement on behalf of artifly pole dance studio, the full price will either be refunded to the participant or the participant may choose to reallocate the paid amount to another class/service or agree to the postponement date.

Suspension/Freezing of Contracts/Memberships


For 12 and 6-month memberships, participants may suspend/freeze their contracts for holiday or travel purposes. For 12-month memberships, the suspension options are 4 consecutive weeks (28 days) or two times 2 consecutive weeks (2 x 14 days) per 12-month period. For 6-month memberships, it is 2 consecutive weeks (14 days) per 6-month period.


Cancellation/Withdrawal of Class Contracts/Memberships


The withdrawal of a participant registered in a group class, course, workshop or other service must be made in writing by e-mail within the specified notice period for the respective service. No-show or non-payment of the fees is not considered as a withdrawal. Partial participation in the course does not entitle the participant to a reduction in payment.


To cancel a class membership, participants need to give written notice of at least 14 days prior to the next scheduled payment date of their contract’s auto-renewal. Written notice is to be sent to


Cancellation/Withdrawal of Private Classes/ Trial Classes/Services


Private classes, trial classes and other services cannot be cancelled. If participants cannot participate, they may reschedule within the specified rescheduling period of each respective service. An exception is made for workshops.


Cancellation/Withdrawal of Workshops


Cancellation for workshops is acceptable up to 10 days before the scheduled date of the workshop, in which case the participant will receive an 80% refund. For cancellations less than 10 days before the workshops, the entire fee (compensation for untimely cancellations) will be charged. An exception may be made if the participant finds a suitable replacement for their spot in the workshop, in which case the space may be transferred onto the new participant.


Prevention of the Participant


Inability to attend Classes, Courses, Workshops or other Services


If the participant is unable to attend a class due to illness, accident or other health-related reasons, they need to uncheck themselves from their scheduled class within the 12-hour notice period, or contact to provide a doctor’s note, in which case an exception is made to the notice period and the class may be rescheduled for within the following 2 weeks, granted there is availability.


If a participant is sick to any degree, especially with contagious sicknesses such as a cold or seasonal flu, they will not be allowed to participate in class. It is a risk to their own health, as well as that of fellow students and instructors. Instructors have the right to turn away students who come to class with symptoms. In such cases, artifly pole dance studio charges the class normally.


Inability to attend due to Pregnancy, Serious Injury or Chronic Sickness


In case of pregnancy, serious injury or chronic sickness that physically prevents the participant from participating in classes for more than 2 weeks, a doctor’s note stipulating the foreseen time-off needs to be provided and different options may be discussed (freezing of contract, partial refund, reallocation of fees, etc.). Each case will be assessed individually.  




All choreographies learned at artifly pole studio dance are subject to copyright, which the participant may not violate. In particular, individual choreographies learned in the course may not be performed or taught to third parties, either for a fee or free of charge, without the consent of the copyright holder.


Company Holidays/Public Holidays


artifly pole dance studio may take company vacations for up to 4 weeks per year and does not open on Swiss public holidays (exceptions may apply). This does not entitle the participant to a reduced course fee for the respective days or months. Class membership prices already take into account any vacations and public holidays.




The participant is obliged to disclose any health problems or limitations (physical and mental) before registering or participating in any classes. By agreeing to the T&Cs, you declare to be in good health and authorized by your medical healthcare professional to attend classes and services offered by artifly pole dance studio and participate in low to high intensity physical activity.


Participation in any classes, workshops or services is at your own risk. Liability for auxiliary persons is excluded. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. Any illnesses, injuries or medical conditions must be reported to the instructor prior to the start of any class, workshop or other service. Insurance is the responsibility of the participant. artifly pole dance studio recommends private liability and accident insurance.


artifly pole dance studio is not liable for theft, loss of personal items, accidents, medical emergencies or death in and around the studio.


Data Protection


artifly pole dance studio does not disclose your personal information without your prior written consent. We make use of a security camera in the studio space.


Participants may photograph and film themselves during classes. They may not film instructors or other participants in the background or publish any media containing images of others without their consent.


artifly pole dance studio is entitled to take photographs and/or video recordings for marketing purposes. The customer shall notify artifly pole dance studio at the time of the event if they do not wish to be recorded. Recorded media may be published on the artifly pole dance studio website (Wix), social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube), as well as varying marketing channels like print media (flyers, banners, etc.).


As a dance studio, we rely heavily on media footage to advertise our work. When posting media of your classes to social media (Instagram), we kindly ask participants to tag @artifly_pole so we may repost.


House Rules


Participants agree to the house rules encompassing regulations for hygiene and organization. House rules are displayed on the studio notice board. Smoking inside the studio is strictly prohibited. Shoes are to be removed at the entrance and stowed away in the shoe rack.


Participants agree to be tolerant of others, regardless of political, religious or other ideological views. artifly pole dance studio has a zero tolerance policy for acts of discrimination and is committed to providing a safe space for all bodies and genders. No racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, body-shaming or religious discrimination will be tolerated.


artifly pole dance studio is entitled to immediately exclude customers from the current class, course, workshop or other service, who behave inappropriately or violate the house rules. In case of such extraordinary termination, the particpants will not be refunded any fee - not even on a pro rata basis. Furthermore, artifly pole dance studio reserves the right to claim any damages from the customer.




These T&Cs are exclusively subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Basel Stadt. In case of disputes, the exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be at the registered office of artifly pole dance studio.




To contact artifly pole dance studio, the official written communication channels are:


Email: or Whatsapp +41 76 490 48 30 

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