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"art exists, because life is not enough"
("a arte existe porque a vida não basta ")

- Ferreira Gullar, Brazilian poet

On Art


I strongly believe that in order to live fulfilling lives, we all need and deserve to find something, an outlet, a safe space, that sets our hearts on fire. That agent that allows us to feel unapologetically, challenges us creatively, and connects us to other people, directly or indirectly. Art allows us to feel deeply connected with ourselves and embrace the ineffable complexities of our human nature. For me personally, since childhood, writing and dance have been two creative outlets that have allowed me to manifest parts of myself I'd never be able to manifest any other way. I wonder - where would those parts of myself have gone? The vulnerable, hurt, lonely parts that had to exist somewhere other than inside of me. 


When art ceases to exist, so do we. All of us are connected to art. Those of us with the privilege of having found our art, that are able to nourish and grow it, owe it to others to share it, in whatever way that may be. One person's art can remedy a lot of hurt. I think most art stems from a place of pain and hurt, but it is also art that holds our hand while we walk on the path to healing.  Writer Amy McNee writes in one of her publications, "Your art is the antidote for so many people's pain". Opening artifly pole dance studio has been the result of my own need to survive and create a space where I could completely be myself and live out my art, while sharing it with other people and inviting them to encounter forms of art that will allow them to access parts of themselves that are yearning to exist beyond their hearts and minds. 

On artifly pole dance studio

At its core, artifly pole dance studio pulsates with the passion for pole dance in all its many wonderful and ever-growing forms available to us today. From sexy styles that emulate the origins of modern day pole (strippers), to lyrically dramatic and also very acrobatic styles. There are so many ways of moving with the pole, so many personas to uncover and unleash, skills to develop and refine, and so many beautiful worlds that open for us through this art. Especially, though not exclusively, for women, pole dance often turns into a source of unapologetic strength & sensuality. Isn't it refreshing to find a space where women can just.... be?


Let's also not forget that the pole on its own is just that - a lifeless pole. It becomes what we make of it. When we start to interact with it by performing pole dance moves and by exploring different forms of movement & expression, it becomes an apparatus for limitless possibilities. You can draw from any form of dance or exercise and integrate it into your flights with the pole. The limitless ways we can fuse this art with the powers and benefits of physical exercise makes us feel rather unstoppable!


Precisely because of the way pole dance draws from so many other forms of movement and exercise, my vision for artifly was to become a space where pole dancers could also encounter some of the most important and enriching cross-training activities for their pole practice - activities that cater to additional strength & flexibility training, body awareness & breathing, and dance & movement exploration. Furthermore, these additional activities invite not only pole dancers but all people who are also looking for forms of art & physical exercise to improve their wellbeing, while finding a space they can feel part of and call their home.

I want to see people fly - in all ways. We fly when our bodies lift off and move in heights we never thought possible.  We fly when we support each other and feel genuine joy of seeing how other people's wings grow bigger and bolder every day, and how, when our own wings start to stretch, instead of being told to restrain ourselves, we are encouraged to soar. We fly when we realize that, for many, art is the gateway to new beginnings and powerful ally in the work of self-discovery and self-acceptance. There is no life without art. Art is survival. 

Last but not least, through this studio I am committed to sharing this art with as many different people as possible. I'm constantly working towards ways to make pole dance more inclusive & accessible to groups of people often excluded or underrepresented in the pole dance community, both locally and internationally. I'm excited to transform ideas I've had for years and develop partnerships and projects dedicated to this cause.  

It's a privilege to have such a beautiful studio, and I will fully honour the responsibility that comes with it. I look forward to watching all your beautiful stories unfold as you explore Kleinbasel's first pole dance and movement space. I can confidently say that I've poured all my passion, love and dedication into this space and I'm honoured and humbled to be able to share it with all of you.

Love, Niek

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