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Pole Art Trial Classes

Beginner Pole Art Trial vs. Regular Pole Art Trial 

If you've never done any pole dance classes with us, the first step is to book your Pole Art Trial Class! Whether you are totally new to pole or have previous experience, the trial class is the way to go if you're visiting us for the first time.  Doing a trial class before registering for regular classes is also a way for you to explore our class structure and get a feeling for the studio. 

If you are totally new to pole and have little or zero experience, book a spot in our Beginner Pole Art Trial Classes (duration: 90min) that take place on different days each month. If you can't find a Beginner Trial Class that fits your schedule, get in touch with us! 


If you have done one or more pole classes before or if you are a practising pole student already, you can book a Regular Pole Art Trial Class (duration: 70min) in any Pole Art group class that corresponds to your level. Feel free to contact us to ask which group we recommend for your level :) 

NB: We do not offer trial classes for Pole Choreo courses, but you are welcome to book a private classs if you'd like a single-class pole choreo experience.

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