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New at artifly? Start by booking a trial class first!

Class Prices

pole dance classes basel prices.PNG
pole dance classes basel prices.PNG

Pole art memberships come with a list of benefits!

The validity of class memberships starts on the day of purchase. Memberships are automatically renewed. Individual class prices are calculated on an average 4-week-per-month base. 

More offers & prices soon coming soon

Check if you qualify for one of our special discounts

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

What is a Pole Art membership?

You have a class membership when you sign up to a class contract that has an
auto-renewal/recurrent payment.

Drop-in or *private classes, courses or workshops, for example, do not qualify as memberships, because there is no auto-renewal for these services. 

What are the benefits?

  • You guarantee your spot in class!

    When you sign up to a membership, you guarantee your spot in your preferred class for months in advance. Participating in classes with a consistent rhythm and group leads to more efficient progress, especially in the earlier levels.  

  • Monthly free Pole Play Session

    Once a month students with active memberships get to book themselves into our Pole Play Sessions! Spaces are limited, so make sure you book your spot in advance! *Students with 12-month contracts, as well as private/semi-private students who have active bundles of 4 or 8 classes may also book a free spot in the Pole Play Session! 

  • 10% discount on Solo Flight studio rental prices

    With a membership you get a 10% discount on solo flight studio rental prices to enjoy some extra time in the studio by yourself. 


  • 10% discount on Movement Classes

    We really want to encourage & motivate our pole students to cross-train. Therefore, a benefit of pole art memberships is a 10% discount on any weekly movement classes & courses that are not pole (calisthenics, flexibility, yoga & whatever other regular movement classes the studio offers).  The discount does not apply to drop-in classes, workshops or courses

Cashback through your Healthcare Provider

artifly pole dance studio is a member of TVS (Tanzvereinigung Schweiz).

This means that if your healthcare plan covers dance classes, all you need to do is send on your artifly invoice to be reimbursed. Not all plans cover dance, so make sure you check if yours does. 

SWICA, Helsana & CSS all offer plans that cover dance classes. 

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