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Pole Choreos

For those who love to dance, explore personas & develop their pole styles. 

Our pole choreography classes explore dance, storytelling, and expression with a variety of different pole styles - lyrical, dramatic, sexy, fierce, fun. In the 5-week choreo courses we train a 1-2min choreo and focus not only on pole moves but put a heavy emphasis on transitions, musicality, and explroing your personal expression.


We all have different personas residing inside of us that have been wanting to come alive but haven't yet found a way to the surface, or felt like they weren't allowed to. Don't feel shy or intimidated to join this course. It exists precisely for you who loves to dance, for you who has never danced before, and for you who is keen on something totally different and mesmerising in your life.

For some choreos, we may wear Pleaser pole heels, for others socks, and sometimes we'll dance barefoot - whatever the choreo asks of us! The exact look & accessories for each choreo will be included in the choreo description when advertised. 

To participate in pole choreo courses you need to have done at least 2-3 months of pole art classes (Fundamentals 1 or similar). 

Pole Choreos - Course Structure

The choreo courses are designed to run over a period of 5 weeks - 5 classes of 60min each. This allows us to work and refine the same 1-2min choreography over and over, focusing on different details in each class. To participate you commit to the full 5-weeks. It is not possible to do trial classes in choreo courses or to join any later than Week 1. 

What we work on:

Week 1

- getting familiar with the song
- exercises to explore the creative process
- intro to part 1
 of the choreo

In the first class of a new choreo, it's normal to feel a little overwhelmed or like it's moving way too fast. It's the rawest of the classes. We don't expect you to already remember the steps by yourself or to execute them with ease. That's what the following weeks are for!

What we work on:

Week 2

- repeat exercises to explore the creative process
- revision of Week 1/ part 1 of choreo 
- intro to part 2
 of the choreo (if the group feels ready)

In the second class the exercises will already feel a little more familiar, and part 1 of choreo will come with a bit more ease. Here we dedicate a lot of time to each student's individual needs and questions regarding technique. If there is time and the group feels ready to add on to the choreo, we start exploring part 2. 

What we work on:

Week 3

- revision of choreo parts already introduced
- refining technique and timing

In the third class we go over previously introduced parts of the choreo and explore additional remaining sections, if it makes sense for the group. The focus in this class is to refine the technique of the movements and transitions, as well as the timing.

What we work on:

Week 4

- revision of choreo parts already introduced
- rehearsing the choreo in different directions 
- first performances for each other

In the fourth class you will start to feel more at ease with the steps of choreo, with less need to watch the instructor 100% of the time. Your body will have started to memorise a lot of the choreo which will allow you to focus on other details such as the element of performance & most importantly - enjoying dancing the choreo!

What we work on:

Week 5

- lots of dancing! lots of enjoying!
- for this class the group decides on matching outfits (e.g. same colours)
- students perform the choreo for each other in groups, pairs or alone (this is up to you!)
- we will take a video of those that would like to capture the choreo 

The fifth class is all about enjoying the choreo you've been working so hard for the past month. At the beginning of the class we rehearse it together a few times, then you dance in groups, and alone (those who want to!). This is an excellent way to practise what it feels like to be "on stage" or having a small audience watch your beautiful performance - with a totally safe space to both fail and succeed - as both are part of performing! 

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